• Anthony Amitrano

Working with PDFs in Google Classroom

I have a love/hate relationship with PDFs. I love how I can create a document, and then publish it as a PDF so that visually it looks exactly as I imagined it on my computer. I hate that PDFs are not easily editable. A question I hear a lot from teachers is how do they have students edit or mark up a PDF that they have posted as an assignment in Google Classroom.

For iPad users, this is a no brainer; the PDF markup function is built right into the app for iOS. For Chromebook users, the solution isn’t as streamlined as being built right into Classroom, but the solution is pretty straightforward and simple.

Introducing Kami

Kami is a fantastic web app that allows you to easily markup a PDF and then submit it through Google Classroom. Below are walkthroughs to get you and your students started.

Getting Started

Using the Tools

Classroom Workflow with Kami

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