• Anthony Amitrano

Wish List for the Hybrid Classroom

Teaching and learning in a hybrid situation is not simple. But, there are a number of upgrades you can purchase or otherwise acquire (from your technology director) to help make things a little easier. Before you go and spend any money, check with the IT department to see if any of these items are available through the district. If they are not, they will take too long to order, or you just want your own, these are good options.

Here are some ideas:

USB Extender

If you can’t move your computer in your classroom, and you have a USB webcam plugged into it, you might consider a USB extension cable to have the flexibility to move the camera around your classroom. For $12.99, you can buy a 5m (16.4 ft) USB extension cable.


DIY Document Camera

Use a webcam and this flexible stand to create your own document camera. The image quality is generally much better with a typical 1080p webcam, so your students will be able to clearly see what you are sharing .



Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

A wireless keyboard and mouse can make navigating a computer from afar simple. Just plug in the receiver to your computer, and this keyboard/mouse combo from Logitech will help you cut the cord!



If you are looking to spend a little bit of money, you can get yourself an awesomely flexible tablet/Chromebook. With a big 14″ touchscreen and a speedy processor, this HP Chromebook can be a super helpful addition to your technology toolbox.


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