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Virtual Classrooms

Google Classroom is a wonderful thing. It truly makes posting announcements, assignments, and collecting work online a breeze. But, in my opinion, it lacks…. warmth. My background is in Music (I was a music teacher for many years) so even though my focus now is on helping teachers and students use technology in the classroom, I especially enjoy the creative aspects of using technology, like designing websites, infographics, and giving online learning a personality.

So, although I have serious affection for Google Classroom, there aren’t many ways to make it “feel” like your own classroom. Or even a digital version of your classroom. There are a few things you can do to make that happen.

Google Sites

Google Sites is any easy way to create an online home for your classroom. It’s a drag and drop website editor, and is very user friendly. It makes adding material from your Google Drive, include Google Docs, Slides, images, PDFs and more, a breeze. Here are some videos to help you get started with Google Sites.

Once you have your Google Site set up, you can add links directly to assignments in Google Classroom by grabbing the link from each assignment within Google Classroom. Note that you can’t grab a link from an assignment that hasn’t yet been published.

How to Grab your Assignment Link

Here’s a quick tip in grabbing links for individual assignments. This is super useful for:

  1. Linking to an assignment in a HyperDoc (choice board, scavenger hunt, etc.)

  2. Sending an assignment link directly in an email

  3. Putting an assignment button on your website.

Here are the steps…

Templates to Use

Google Sites now as templates that allow you to quickly and easily get started with building your website. Check out the walkthrough of this awesome feature below!

What does your virtual classroom look like? Drop your link in the comments below!

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