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Using Google Sheets to Teach Charts and Tables

Google Sheets is often considered a red-headed step-child within the set of Google tools (similar to Microsoft Excel). Of all the Google and Microsoft apps available, it is one of the “geekier” apps because of all of the complicated formulas and math involved.

Fear not.

Both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel are relatively simple to use if you take a little time to explore and understand some basic things. For an example, here is a sample of what you can do with inserting Charts to visualize data that you can use with students.

Step 1 – Get the data

Here is some sample data you can use with your students. Courtesy of Ms. Tappin.

DateDayHigh AM TideHigh PM TideLow AM TideLow PM TidePhase of Moon5/3/20Sun5. Qt5/5/20Tues5.56.0-0.8-0.5Waxing Gib5/7/20Thurs5.56.5-0.8-0.6Full5/9/20Sat5.16.3-0.7-0.3Full5/11/20Mon6.04.5-0.10.3Waning Gib5/13/20Wed5. Gib5/15/20Fri4. Qt5/17/20Sun4. Qt5/19/20Tues4. Cres5/21/20Thurs4. Cres5/23/20Sat4. Cres5/31/20Sun5. Qt6/2/20Tues5.15.8-0.2-0.3Waxing Gib

Copy this tide data into a new Google Sheet.

Step 2 – Customize Your Chart

Follow the steps outlined in the slides below by watching the video to get step by step guidance.

Watch this walkthrough video for specific help

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