• Anthony Amitrano

Using Force a Copy with Hyperdoc Assignments

Hyperdocs are a great way to help walk a student through the various stages of an assignment while providing links, templates, and activities for them to accomplish throughout.

I was talking with another teacher and they commented that when they assign the hyperdoc in Google Classroom and “Make a copy for each student” only the hyperdoc gets copied, and not any templates are other linked docs within the hyperdoc. Although frustrating, this makes sense because Google doesn’t crawl through your hyperdoc to see what you’ve included or have the intelligence to know what to make a copy of.

Enter force a copy. When you put the link into the hyperdoc for an externally linked Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide, you can force the student to make a copy of the document and share it for editing in their own Google Drive. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Get the shared link – Make sure you share the link and it is publicly available for anyone with the link to view. Copy the link.

  2. Paste the link – In a blank Google doc, sticky note, or keep note – paste the link.

  3. Edit the link – Delete everything after the last forward slash. In its place, type the word copy.

  4. Copy the new link and paste it – Paste the edited link into your hyperdoc. When a student clicks on the link they will see this, which is asking if they want to save a copy to their Drive.

The Student experience

Now that the student has made a copy of this document, they’ll need to make sure that they attach it to the assignment. After they have completed the work as instructed, they’ll need to go to Classroom, locate the assignment, and then attach it (and any other related docs) prior to submitting the work. 

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