• Anthony Amitrano

#tipoftheday: Number Your Assignments

Number Your Assignments

Simple and elegant, this tip is. Give each assignment a number so that students can easily find the assignment, and you can easily reference it. This comes in super handy when you have multiple assignments with similar names, or you want to group assignments:

  1. Jamal, you didn’t turn in assignment number #097

  2. OK students, the assignments that are counting for term 3 are from #051 to #099. Anything after #099 will county for term 4

  3. No Mrs. Lopes, Micah didn’t turn in assignment number #022, but he did #021 and #023, so I’m not sure why he didn’t see that one.

This can be especially helpful when you are inputting assignments and grades into your SIS, the reference numbers stay consistent, and everything stays organized.

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