• Anthony Amitrano

The Hybrid Classroom Setup

Every classroom is different. From door placements, windows, HVAC systems, whiteboard and projector placement, and other unique aspects of the space, preparing for hybrid learning situations can be difficult. There are a few things that can be done in virtually all classrooms, so let’s take a look at that.

Computer Placement

When possible, the main teaching computer in the classroom should be placed close to the projector, so you can easily access it to interact with the students at home. This of course, may not be possible for a variety of reasons.

If you are unable to move your computer because the cords are already neatly running above your ceiling, there are no outlets available, or any number of other reasons, you’ve got a few options:

Wireless keyboards and mouse

With wireless input devices, you can manipulate your computer from afar (and view what’s happening on your computer via the projector).

Longer USB cord for your webcam

With a computer being so far away from your teaching space, you might need an extension for your webcam so the kids at home can properly see what’s going on in class. Results may vary with this option, as the signal from your webcam can degrade over long distances. A 5m (16.4 ft) USB extension should be okay and give you some flexibility.

Use a second device

If you have a second device available, you should be able to make use of it to interact with your online students. With a second device (an iPad, Chromebook, laptop, or even another tablet or phone) you should be able to join the Zoom or Google Meet from the additional device to interact with the online students while presenting from your main computer.

There are more options, of course, but these three are probably the most universally flexible. You might need to think outside the box on this one. Comment below with some creative ideas.

Teacher Desk Placement

With COVD-19 recommendations and requirements in place, you run out of space in your classroom pretty quickly with desks needing to be 6 ft apart from each other. You probably want to try to keep all of your personal materials and belongings contained to one area as well. In the diagram above, I have the teacher desk tucked into a corner. This would be ideal so that the teacher’s items are easily accessible within the teaching space while maintaining separation from the students.

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