• Anthony Amitrano

Sound and Video in the Hybrid Classroom

Having students both online and in person at the same time can be challenging in many ways. Once particular concern is that of managing sound and video on all the devices being used. Here are some tips to help.


Ideally, all students have a device in front of them. Although not necessarily logistically feasible, this provides all students with more of a sense of being directly connected with the rest of the class s- whether they are at home or in school.

If there aren’t enough school owned devices to use in class, encourage students to bring in their own devices. But, make sure you check with the district’s recommendations and procedures for this as some schools are limiting what can be brought into the school building from home (including devices, food, etc.)


All students should use earbuds or headphones. In a classroom setting where all students have a device in front of them, it is essential that all in-person students have headphones. This minimizes distractions when students are watching a video or doing an activity with sound. It also makes it easier for everyone to hear each other, including those students at home.

Additionally, it is essential that all students stay muted throughout the class, unless they are the one speaking. This makes sure students aren’t distracted by over-chatter and no aspects of a discussion or explanation are missed. It also minimizes any feedback from having so many microphones in a small area.


Students should be encouraged to keep their cameras on throughout class unless there is a specific reason not to. This helps involve all students in the classroom whether they are at home or in person.

Below is an infographic that you can share with your students to remind them of best practices of sound and video during hybrid learning.


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