• Anthony Amitrano

Setting Up Parent/Teacher Conference Zoom Links

To get prepared for upcoming parent/teacher conferences, you’ll want to set up a meeting separate from your regular classroom meeting links. Here’s what you need to do:

Visit zoom.us/meeting. Log in if needed

Click on “Schedule a Meeting”

  1. Next to “Topic” enter in “Mr./Ms. Teacher’s Parent/Teacher Conference”. If meeting as a team or with a co-teachers, enter the team name or co-teacher’s names at your discretion.

  2. Click the checkbox next to “Recurring Meeting”

  3. In the drop down menu next to “Recurrence” select “No Fixed Time”

  4. Next to “Security” keep both passcode and waiting room selected. This will keep your meeting secure as parents/guardians will not be logging into the meeting with a verified Zoom account. Also, by keeping Waiting Room enabled, you’ll be able to monitor your flow of parents and guardians, and easily let in the next meeting once your current meeting is complete.

  5. Under meeting options, do NOT check “Require authentication to join”. This is important because if it IS checked (as it is for your class meetings), parents will be unable to join the meeting without a verified Zoom account.

  6. Next to Alternative Hosts, enter the email addresses of any staff that will be joining your conferences.

  7. Click “Save” at the bottom.

Share this link with your parents.

Video Walkthrough

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