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Recording Audio in McGraw-Hill Wonders

Having students read aloud is a great way to check for fluency and understanding. With McGraw-Hill Wonders, you can easily have the students record themselves reading and submit the recording to you. Here’s what you need to do.


  1. Log in to your teacher dashboard.

  2. Select the desired Period or Block from the drop down menu.

  3. Click on “Manage and Assign” then “Assignment Manager”

  4. Click on “Make an Assignment”

  5. On the Assignment Details page, give the assignment a name.

  6. Select “Yes” under “Requires Teacher Review”.

  7. Select “On” for “Student Audio Recorder”

  8. Provide instructions for the students in the box under “Assignment Instructions”

  9. On the right, you’ll want to add in the resources that the students need. Click “Edit” and add the appropriate items. Hit “Done” when complete.

  10. Back on the Assignment Details screen, set the Start Date, the Due Date, and the Expiration Date.

  11. Then, select which students you’d like to assign this to.

  12. After you’ve confirmed the selections, click “Assign”

  13. To finish, click “Done”.


Once assigned, the Student will see the work in the “My Binder” section of their Wonders account. When the student logs in to their account, they’ll see a notification indicator on the “To-Do” circle.

The student will click on “To-Do”. Then, on the left, there will be a list of assignments. They will see the title of the assignment and instructions on the right, as well as a “Make a Recording” button, an “Add a Resource” button, a space to leave a note to the teacher, and a “submit” button.

When the student clicks on “Make a Recording”, two windows pop-up. One is a window with the reading selection. The other is behind that window called “Audio Recorder”. This has a simple “Record” button along with a time indicator and slider that appears when a recording has been made.

To make a recording, the student will click the record button. They may need to be reminded to “allow” McGraw-Hill to access the microphone. Once the recording starts, the Pause and Finish buttons appear. The student would then switch over to the other window (where the reading is), do the reading, and then switch back to the “Audio Recorder” to pause or finish the recording.

Once they click “Finish” they have the opportunity to listen to what they recorded, attach it to the assignment, or re-do it.

They will then see the attached recording on the assignment detail page, add any necessary notes, and submit.

Video Walkthroughs

This video is an overview for teachers

This video is an overview for Students

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