• Anthony Amitrano

Read Aloud Extension for Google Chrome

Many students (and teachers) can benefit from having text read aloud to them. Everyone has a strength in learning, whether it be auditory, visual, or kinesthetic. A tool that can help with having text read to you is the Read Aloud extension for Google Chrome.

Install the Extension

To install Read Aloud for Google Chrome, visit the Chrome Web Store and search for “Read Aloud” (or visit this link directly).  Click “Add to Chrome”

Don’t forget to pin the extension.

Using the Extension

Using Read Aloud is a piece of cake. Visit the web page you want read to you. Click on the extension icon to have the entire page read to you.

Or, you can select text on the page and right click on the selection. Choose “Read aloud selected text” to have just the selection read to you.

You can use this extension on most websites including news sites, emails, and Google Docs.

Video Walkthrough

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