• Anthony Amitrano

Please move this window away from the shared application

When sharing a screen during a Zoom meeting, you may have seen this error message pop up. It’s annoying, there’s no “X” to close it out, and it seems to happen randomly.

The Google says this is related to a hardware acceleration setting in the Zoom app on Windows. There is a way to disable hardware acceleration which should prevent this from happening. Here’s what you need to do.


Open Zoom on your computer. If you aren’t signed in, make sure you sign in.

Once signed in, click the settings gear in the upper right.

From the settings window, click on “Share Screen” on the left.

Then click “Advanced”

On the advanced settings screen, uncheck “Screen Sharing” and “Annotations on a shared screen or whiteboard” under Use hardware acceleration for.

Close out the windows. Once you start a new meeting, try sharing your screen and you should not see that error message again.

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