• Anthony Amitrano

Managing Recordings in Zoom

If you are hosting a lot of Zoom meetings throughout the week, and you are recording all or most of each of those meetings, you will have a lot of recordings to weed through and manage. Here are some items to consider:

How & When to Record

Recording can be set to occur automatically for each meeting, or on the fly while you are in the meeting. To set Zoom to record automatically, you need to adjust a setting in the Zoom dashboard.

Go to your Zoom Dashboard, and edit a meeting. Scroll all the way down and select “Automatically record meeting”

To record on the fly, while you are hosting a meeting, choose “Record in the toolbar”

Where does the recording go?

You have two options in Zoom for where your recordings will go to:

  1. Cloud Recordings – recordings are saved in the Zoom “cloud”

  2. Local Recordings – recordings are saved to your individual computer

Both locations will appear in your Zoom Dashboard under the Recordings tab.

Click on “Local Recordings” to access information about recordings saved to your device. Generally your recordings are saved in the “Zoom” folder in your “Documents” folder.

Choose “Cloud Recordings” to view recordings saved in the cloud.

Click on the link for an individual recording to view details and settings.

Sharing Recordings

You can share recordings directly through Zoom, or through your Google Drive (or other cloud storage services). Watch this video to learn how.


Check out this walkthrough of managing your recordings.

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