• Anthony Amitrano

January 2021 Zoom Updates

There are four main updates that I’d like to highlight that are especially important for educators.  These include the host being able to admit participants from the Waiting Room while they are in a Breakout Room, the ability to adjust the countdown at the end of a Breakout Room session, Nonverbal feedback being moved to the “Reactions” button, and enhanced privileges over breakout rooms for co-hosts.  Let’s take a look!

Admit participants from the Waiting Room while in a Breakout Room

Sometimes a host has joined a breakout room when a new participant has joined the meeting. Previously, they’d just sit in the Waiting Room until the host came back. Now, you’ll get a notification that someone is in the Waiting Room. You’ll then be able to allow them into the meeting and then assign them to a breakout room, all without you having to leave the breakout room.

Breakout Room Countdowns

When setting up Breakout Rooms, you used to be limited to a 60 second countdown for participants to rejoin the main room. Now you can select 10, 15, 30, 60, or 120 seconds.

Nonverbal Feedback

All nonverbal reactions have been moved to the Reactions button, instead of in the Chat or Participants window, where they were before. This provides a more consistent experience across all users.

Co-Hosts can manage Breakout Rooms

Breakout room assignments, having the ability to switch between rooms, and start and stop breakout rooms used to be limited to just the hosts.  Now, co-hosts have the same ability.

Video Walkthrough


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