• Anthony Amitrano

Formative Assessment in Remote/Hybrid Learning

There are a plethora of resources and tools out there to help you formatively assess students. Here’s some tips to get you going:

General Advice

Formative assessments are best if they are short and simple. They should also, ideally, be ungraded, or only graded insofar as they did it or not. Keep in mind that formatively assessing students is for your information, so that you can help guide the lesson or resources to maximize student understanding.


In Zoom, my favorite tool is the “Non-Verbal Feedback” available in the participants window. You get happy little icons to answer Yes/No or Thumbs Up/Down and even let you know when it’s time for a quick break. This helps you quickly and easily assess student understanding on the fly.

Google Classroom

The discussion activity in Google Classroom is a great way to get formative assessment directly in Google Classroom. You can also easily create a Google Form and assign that.


Mentimeter! Check it out! It’s a super easy to use and flexible tool to help with formative assessment. Great for in-person or remote instruction (or a combination thereof) I highly recommend it. Check out the video walkthrough below for more details!


Kahoot is a classic. It’s been a round for a while and that waiting room music is number one on my playlist. Watch the walkthrough below for more details on this great tool.

Video Walkthrough

Grab a cup of coffee for 13 minutes of formative assessment fun!

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