• Anthony Amitrano

Creating Assessments with Edulastic

Edulastic is a fantastic tool to easily create and share assessments with colleagues. It also integrates with Google Classroom nicely, making managing your classes a breeze. Similar to Galileo, there are question banks available, and it is easy to create assessments using multiple choice questions, short answer questions, open-responses, and more.

Unlike Galileo, or any other online assessment tool available that I have seen, Edulastic has the ability to create what is called a “SnapQuiz”. The short story on that is that you upload a PDF of a quiz that you have normally given to students by copying, passing out, and them completing using pen or pencil. SnapQuiz allows you to embed the multiple choice selections, or text for students to answer digitally. This allows you to turn your traditional paper/pencil assessments into self-grading digital assessments! What a time saver!

Learn more about Edulastic by signing up for a free account and going through some of the tutorials. I went through them and even earned my Level 1 Certification Badge. Check it out and let me know what you think below.

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