• Anthony Amitrano

Classroom Setup Recommendations

If you have the opportunity to teach remotely from your classroom at school, there are some important things to keep in mind. Here are some key tips:

  1. Don’t share your projector via video. This is a common thought, teachers want to teach how they have been teaching, so pointing the camera at you while you are walking through a slide presentation or using your SmartBoard makes sense. However, it makes it incredibly difficult for the participants to view what is on your screen. Instead, share your computer screen which will still show what’s on the board and allow the kids to see it clearly

  2. Do use your projector screen as a 2nd display. Many classrooms are equipped with a computer and a projector. You can use your projector as a 2nd display, although you might need this adapter if your district has an external splitter for the projector and your monitor.

  3. Check out the video below for some more recommendations! Don’t forget to comment below with your questions or ideas!

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