• Anthony Amitrano

Assisting Students Remotely

When students and teachers are separated by distance, solving tech issues can be difficult. Google Chrome Remote Desktop is an extension that can easily be installed in Google Chrome and will allow one person to help another person. This can come in very handy to diagnose potential issues with a student’s computer, or to help out a less tech savvy colleague. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Install the Extension – The extension can be found here. Both Teacher (as the helper) and Student (as the person needing help) need the extension installed.

  2. Student Generates Code – Once the extension is installed, the student needs to generate a code. Then, they need to relay that info to the teacher.

  3. Teacher Enters Code – On the teacher side, the code is entered and then the student needs to do one final step; give permission on their computer for it to be accessed by you.

  4. Teacher Takes Control – Once the student gives permission, the teacher has control.

See below for a visual walkthrough of this process!

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