• Anthony Amitrano

#8weeksofsummer – Describe your peer collaboration this year

Like so much else in our lives, this year has had “Covid-19” written all over it. I have to say that even with all the challenges surrounding the impact of Covid-19, I have never so quickly felt a connection with the community of educators and administrators than I have over this past year. This past year was my second year in my current school district and role, so in many ways I still feel like I’m in the “relationship building” phase of my work. But with school closing down last March, and then starting the year remotely and transitioning to hybrid and full-time in-person learning, each step of the way colleagues and I have found ways to collaborate and support one another in ways to best reach the students and families of our district.

Generally this collaboration occurred in the form of an initial cry for help email, after which we’d set up an in person or Zoom meeting, and then make a plan. These mini-coaching sessions were a great opportunity for me to get an idea of what some of the challenges the teachers were facing first hand. This then allowed me to offer some suggestions that would help in the specific situation, but also gave me content to build on; if this teacher was experiencing this problem, then surely others were too!

As we prepared for and rolled out each phase of this past school year, the challenges and problems were different, which definitely kept everyone on their toes! But, like I said before, even with all those challenges I truly felt like the pandemic helped all of us build connections with each other much more quickly than if it hadn’t happened. Just trying to look at the silver lining! 🙂

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