About Me

As a husband, dad, musician, teacher, and realtor, I’ve had a number of life experiences that give me a unique perspective on education and helping to coach other teachers engage their students in ways never thought possible.

Whether you are looking for some tips, tricks, full-fledged courses, coaching, or instructional design services, I'm ready to get to work with you.

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Below is a sampling of some of my work.  Take a look around.


Major Projects

Staff Meeting

MCAS Administration Training


Online Courses


YouTube for Teachers


This course was developed to help teachers use YouTube as a vehicle to curate content for students, post informational videos for parents, and create a channel that students can access for reinforcement and enrichment.  The course is designed to take teachers through the beginning stages of developing and managing a YouTube Channel.

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Sketchnoting for Students


This course is meant to be a self-directed experience for students to develop their skills in Sketchnoting.  Students would progress through 5 guided lessons to take them through the basics of sketchnoting.  Content was created using Camtasia, Adobe Spark, Canva, and other tools.

Sketchnoting for Students copy.png

Engaging Your Learning Community with Google Classroom


Google Classroom is a user-friendly classroom management system that is growing more robust every year.  This course was developed to take teachers through the initial stages of setting up their Classroom while giving them tips and resources to engage their students beyond the typical basic usage of the tool.

Engaging Your Learning Community with Google Classroom copy.png

Short Demos

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scenario thumbnail.png

Simple Pirate Quiz

Articulate Storyline 360

This simple quiz was designed to show the capabilities of Storyline in creating an interactive quiz.  Creating this resource in Storyline required the use of triggers when the users select an answer, providing relevant feedback and animations based on their response.

Avatar Selector

Articulate Storyline 360

This project demonstrates the ability to customize the look of an online course through the selection of an avatar.  This gives the learner a customized experience and was developed in Storyline using triggers to select the avatar, and then variables to maintain the selection throughout the course.

Scenario Based eLearning

Articulate Storyline 360

A great way to learn is through the lens of a story.  This scenario based eLearning experience takes the learner through various steps, requiring them to make decisions as they progress.  They get feedback on their decisions created by triggers and variables within Storyline and can try again for reinforcement.

menu thumbnail.png

Drag and Drop Sort Activity

Articulate Storyline 360

This sorting activity was designed to highlight the cause and effect responses that can be developed when a learner drops a term into an incorrect "bucket".  This was developed using states, triggers, and scenes within Storyline.

Menu Demo

Articulate Storyline 360

This example shows how a menu can help guide a learner to explore various topics.  As the learner completes a section, it is indicated through a change of graphic on the menu.  Upon completion of all topics, the learner can be brought to additional resources or create a certificate.

Custom Slider

Articulate Storyline 360

A custom slider is a great way to gauge understanding of a learner and providing relevant feedback to them.  In this case, I use Storyline to create the slider, then based on the response of the learner will send them to take an assessment or engage in a review of the topic.