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MCAS Test Administration Training


About this Project

This project was developed to help fulfill annual mandated training for staff who will administer the MCAS standardized tests.  As part of the design process, I collaborated with school administration, technology staff, and other stakeholders to develop a variety of plans, storyboards, and mockups, which are highlighted and explained below.


Project Resources


Action Map

The "Action Map" outlines the general goals, tasks, and considerations when developing learning experiences.  This ensures that the mode of presenting information to and engaging the learner is most effective.  This map takes us through the process of developing the training experience for staff who will be test administrators for MCAS.


Activity Storyboard

This storyboard outlines what the learners will experience when navigating through this activity.  Within the storyboard, the text, interactive elements, and general look and feel of the activity are all explained.  This is developed before the activity is in placed to give the designer all the information they need to be able to create the experience and is easily revised before design and development occur.


Finished Course

The completed course guides the learner through a number of topics that have traditionally been delivered during a faculty meeting.  By moving much of this training to an online, self-paced format, the learners have more time to review the material as well as use time during faculty meetings to follow up, ask questions, and get clarification.